A review of the land use planning policies that will serve our region for the next 10 years. 

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What's Current

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Analysis & Discussion Papers Released

Before developing new planning documents it is important to understand the current conditions in Queens, and the trends that could shape our communities in the future. The project team has developed a series of six “Analysis & Discussion” papers that provide this needed context. The papers cover topics such as the environment, demographics, and economy. They look at where we are today and where we might be going in the future, and discuss some broad policy directions for shaping that future. These reports lay the foundation for planning for the future of Queens.

To read the Analysis & Discussion Papers, please check out the Document Library.

These reports are map heavy, so each file is approximately 2 MB in size. If you have a poor internet connection and have trouble downloading the files, please contact us with your mailing address and a request for the files, and we will mail you a USB drive containing all six reports.

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Policy Direction

The Policy Direction report was created to propose possible directions for the new Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw. The recommendations made in the report are intended as discussion points for the Planning and Advisory Committee and the public to provide feedback before drafts of the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw are developed.

The report is complemented by six Analysis & Discussion Papers that provide understanding of the current conditions in Queens, and some of the key trends that will likely shape the Region’s future.

To review the Policy Direction report and offer feedback, please check out the Policy Direction page.

If you have poor internet connection and have trouble accessing the Policy Direction report or feedback forms, please contact us with your mailing address and a request for the files or access a printed copy at one on the following locations:

  1. Liverpool - Thomas H. Raddall Library - 145 Old Bridge Street

  2. Caledonia - North Queens Business Centre and Innovation Hub - 9793 Highway 8

  3. Greenfield - Stew’s Corner Convenience and Gas - 5077 Highway 210

  4. Port Medway - The Port Grocer - 1615 Port Medway Road

  5. Beach Meadows - The Seaside Centre - 1066 Eastern Shore Road

  6. Port Mouton - West Queens Recreation Centre - 70 Riverhead Road




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Project Schedule

There are a number of phases and important milestones over the course of this 18-month process.

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Why does land use planning matter to the future of Queens?

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