how to participate

Input from residents is essential to the process and there are multiple opportunities to share your thoughts.


1. Online Surveys.


The COMMUNITY SURVEY and BUSINESS SURVEY were open to responses from the general public and business operators until November 30 2018. We are currently in the process of analyzing the results of the surveys. If you have any comments or questions about Queens: Planning for the Future, please reach out on the contact page.


2. Outreach Consultations.


Over the course of fall and winter 2018-2019 we will hold outreach consultations at various locations through the county in order to target particular groups in the community, especially seniors and youth.


Some outreach events are scheduled so you can plan to attend, while others will be spontaneous.

Keep an eye on the engagement schedule for upcoming events.


3. Public Meetings.


Public meetings were held in the 7 districts of Queens during September and early October 2018. A second round of public meetings will be held in summer 2019 to review the draft plan.