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In 1996 the amalgamation of the Municipality of the County of Queens and the Town of Liverpool led to the development of the first Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) for the whole of Queens County. Those ground-breaking documents have served the region well. As the years have gone by, new issues and opportunities have emerged that require the plan to be reviewed, which also presents the opportunity to manage development in the Region in a more concise and systematic manner.

The MPS and LUB are legal documents that outline the municipality's vision for the future and its strategy for managing challenges, such as social and economic issues. The LUB is the way in which a municipality identifies and enforces its vision as defined within the MPS. It is important that local governments develop plans that are proactive rather than reactive, to help chart a future the community desires rather than reacting to events as they unfold.


The Municipality seeks to address a shrinking and aging population, improve the health and well being of citizens, attract newcomers, provide business opportunities, protect the built and natural environment, nurture an engaged citizenry, remain financially sustainable, and adapt to climate change. This must be done in the context of widely-varying development patterns: from downtown Liverpool to traditional farming areas, protected Provincial and National Parks to resource areas, and clusters of coastal cottages. Land use policies and regulations must both be comprehensive and context-specific for each of these development patterns.

The existing MPS and LUB undergoing review are available in the Document Library.

The Queens Planning Advisory Committee.

The Queens Planning Advisory Committee.