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These 6 documents provide understanding of the current conditions in Queens, and some of the key trends that will likely shape the Region’s future.

Discussion Paper 1 - Demographics

Discussion Paper 2 - Environment

Discussion Paper 3 - Residential Development

Discussion Paper 4 - Economy

Discussion Paper 5 - Infrastructure

Discussion Paper 6 - General

Policy Direction

The report provides initial options for changes to Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw, the recommendations are not set in stone.

Policy Direction Paper

Existing Planning & development Documents

Documents that provide relevant background information and to frame the context of the municipality and planning.

Existing Municipal Planning Strategy

Future Land Use Map 1

Future Land Use Map 2

Future Land Use Map 3

Future Land Use Map 4

Future Land Use Map 5

Transportation Network Map

Existing Land Use Bylaw

Zoning Map 1

Zoning Map 2

Zoning Map 3

Zoning Map 4

Zoning Map 5

Subdivision Bylaw

Façade Program Guidelines

Previous Studies & Background Information

Previous studies conducted by Queens County, providing important community context and supplemental information.

Queens Strategic “2020” Vision, 2018

Queens Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (MCCAP)

MCCAP Appendix D - Vulnerable Areas Map 1

MCCAP Appendix D - Vulnerable Areas Map 2

MCCAP Appendix D - Vulnerable Areas Map 3

MCCAP Appendix E - Municipal Facilities Map

MCCAP Appendix F - Non-municipal Facilities Map

Queens Community Profile, 2017

Queens Attraction Strategy, 2013